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How to Place an Order in DMK

March 14, 2023 - March 1, 2026

Before proceeding with your payment, we would like to gather some information from you. Please send your personal and company details to our email address: info@dmkstone.com. We require the following information for background check:

Your name, address, contact information, and email

Company name, address, owner name, AP name, sales name, and PST number (if applicable)

We currently offer delivery services to customers in the Metro Vancouver area only. Customers from other areas (including outside British Columbia) will have to arrange their own pick-up.


We would like to know why you need to make a direct purchase. Please note that our products are semi-finished or raw materials and do not include cutting and installation services. If you are a residential customer, you cannot purchase raw materials directly from us. You will need to contact your fabricator to determine if you need to purchase from us directly.


Once we determine the type of customer you are, we will send you an invoice for the products you wish to purchase. We will require your credit card number to complete the purchase.


If you, as a builder or contractor, plan to purchase materials yourself, please communicate with your corresponding fabricator shop in advance and let them know that you will be procuring directly from us. We need to know approximately when we can arrange delivery and whether your corresponding factory allows us to deliver. Also, if you need us to keep the materials in our warehouse for a certain period of time after you have made the payment, we will charge a stocking fee.


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service at info@dmkstone.com or call 6042789557.



Self-pick-up Service in our warehouse:

Self-pickup is welcome. Please note the following:

1.  Please ensure that your pickup truck does not have a cargo cover, as it will affect our loading process. In addition, some larger slabs may not be able to be loaded onto the truck, and our workers will not assist with lifting them.




2.  Please ensure that your truck has an A-frame set. If not, we will not be able to assist with loading the slabs. You can consider purchasing an A-frame set (Price at $450/set) or paying a deposit. We will provide an A-frame set for you and fully refund it upon your return.



Delivery service:

Sometimes we encounter obstacles when delivering to a factory, such as an inability to unload our materials due to the lack of suitable equipment in the recipient’s factory.

So what kind of company can be considered a kitchen countertop fabricator shop? And what kind of factory can enjoy our free delivery service? I have summarised the following points to define:

1. Must have specialized equipment for stone cutting, such as bridge saw, CNC, and water jet.

2. Must have a forklift with specialized stone clamps for handling.



March 14, 2023
March 1, 2026